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Introducing our pledges

Final Summer concert at the Plunge features Kari McCallister and the Sweetspots and Sezu

The final concert of the Season on September 23 had some of the finest musical groups in the Bay area. The music was pop and rock, and both groups played their own originals–Sezu plays originals almost exclusively.Websites:www.myspace.com/karibytheba and reverbnation.com/sezu.

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Initiation Ceremony took place October 22nd–-with music, theatrical drama, and full regalia.

Rick Bragge, accountant, and Ann Macdonald, Administrative Assistant (recently retired) in the white initiatives robes.

They are surrounded by Laura Brady, Frank  and Ben Goulart,  Dave Barry, Ted and Ann Seitz, Julie Machado, Terry and Carol Hunt, Barbara Jervis, Danny Honnibal and Hugh O’Donnell.

Carol Conway (Hunt) and Ted Seitz recently became Third Degree Members