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 Sycamore meetings are on the 2nd (Business Meeting) & 4th (Social) Mondays of the month at 7:30pm, with dinner before starting at 6:30pm.  Proposed Agenda items/Resolutions are due to Noble Grand Frank Goulart fgoulart@pacbell.net by the immediately prior Sat of the Business Meeting at 4pm.   

Sycamore Lodge Committees

The energy and activism of the Lodge comes directly from the members coming to events and sharing in committees. You can check out a committee at any time: meetings are open to all members.  This is a list of the Lodge committees. If interested in any committee,  or just want information about what the committee is doing, don’t hesitate to email the chair:

Finance and Budget Committee  -  chair Gus Wedemeyer

Bylaws and Rules Committee   -   vacant

Calendar,Newsletter and Website Committee  -  chair Julie Machado,  juliemac@pacbell.net

Instruction Committee  -  vacantfgoulart@pacbell.net

Mambership Committee - vacanthunt.terence@gmail.com

Refreshments Committee   -   vacantmetrotime@comcast.net

Visiting and Benefit Committee   -   vacantquynies_mom@yahoo.com

Youth Activities Committee  -  vacantkenandgenie@yahoo.com

Building Aesthetics Committee  -  chair Julie Machado juliemac@pacbell.net

Maintenance and Security Committee  -  chair Dave Barry  humatoid@pacbell.net  


Concert Series Committee –   co-chairs Ben Goulart and Frank Goulart    fgoulart@pacbell.net

TLC Committee – chair Julie Machado juliemac@pacbell.net

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