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Sycamore Lodge is located at 950 B Street between Main Street and Mission, with ample parking in the rear.

Please send all mail to: P.O. Box 125, Hayward CA 94543".  


Noble Grand    Ted Seitz

Email  tedviolafire@yahoo.ocm

Vice Grand    Dave Barry

Secretary    Frank Goulart

Email    fgoulart@pacbell.net

Financial Secretary     

Treasurer    Rick Bragge

Charter State Cert FLT Flag


Note: mail is not received at our street address.

Send all correspondence to:

  Sycamore Lodge 129

  P.O.Box 125

  Hayward, CA 94543


Julie Machado


Sycamore 129 Charter

Community Involvement

Webmaster: Jens Dill
Email: jens@wellhall.org

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